[Top Rated 7] Best Honda Civic Car Mats to buy in 2020

Honda Civic is creating a buzz in the car market with its first-class car models. For that reason, the demand for Honda Civic car mats and liners is also been doubled from the past few years.

This is because when you got inside your car the entire dirt comes with your shoes and it all ends up on the floor of the vehicle makes look it muddy and stained in no time. Hence, well-designed car mats not only enhance the interior of your vehicle but also work as a barrier to protect your expensive vehicle’s floor from dirt and mud.

When you explore the car floor market there are a variety of mats and liners you will see around. They are mainly made from fabric, plastic (vinyl), rubber, or carpet. However, choosing the right one is not an effortless thing to do.

But don’t worry, we are right here going to ease the selection process for you.

In this guide, we have reviewed the top-rated Honda Civic car mats made from rubber with their best buying guide, and every information that you need to know before purchasing one.

Best of all, we have tried to list car floor mats for the entire car models of Honda Civic series in the different price ranges from low to high, so you can choose as per your budget.

Let’s see the best car mats for honda civic at a glimpse.

WeatherTechCheck Price
Husky LinersCheck Price
Max LinerCheck Price
oEdroCheck Price
YitamotorCheck Price
Motor TrendCheck Price
FH MotorCheck Price

#1 WeatherTech – 1996-2019 Honda Civic Car Mats Digital fit

WeatherTech is a very familiar name in the car mats industry because it is always on the pinnacle, particularly for its range of car mats and floor liners.
Keeping this brand at the top of my list, I would like to introduce you to this excellent car mat from WeatherTech which is designed for Honda Civic Coupe, Hatchback, and Sedan.

The first thing that you need to know about this car floor mat is that it is not made from loosey-goosey rubber which falls over but made from very advanced rubber i.e. -TPE, which is very lightweight and extremely tough which always remains in shape.

The top-notch car mat provides full protection to your Honda Civic car in all seasons, including rainy, summer, and winter. The one thing that will make you buy this car mat right away is that it is the only durable and good fit piece that is designed in black, gray, and tan color to perfectly match with your Honda Civic’s interior. They made the sides of car floor mat high to stop spreading beverages and any mess on the car floor.

If your car is equipped with knobs like a hook or anchor on the outer left of the driver or outer right of the traveler seat, then this mat is the perfect choice for you because it features retention devices (sort of hooks to fit in the anchor point) to fit in those knobs that prevent mat from sliding.

This car mat is not only very easy to install but also easy to get it out when messed up with dirt and mud. The car mat washing process is very simple. You can easily wipe off all the dirt with some plastic cleaner or water.

You can also read https://floormatsreviews.com/how-to-clean-car-mats-rubber-plastic-fabric/


  • Full protection in all weathers
  • Lifted corners to prevent spilling liquids in the car
  • Matching car mats with Honda Civic’s interior
  • Non-slip
  • Easy to wash


  • It is pricier than other Honda Civic car mats brands.

Available for

Years2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996
 ModelsHonda Civic Coupe, Honda Civic Hatchback, Honda Civic Sedan
Sub-ModelsBase, CX, Coupe, DX, DX-G, EX, EX Special Edition, 2020 Honda Civic EX-L, EX-R, EX-R SIR, EX-T, EXS, GX, HF, HX, Hybrid, Hybrid-L, LX, LX Special Edition, Civic LX-P, LX-S, LXS, MUGEN Si Sedan, Natural Gas, Reverb, SE, Si, Si HFP, SiR, Sport, Sport Plus, Sport Touring, Touring, Turbo, Turbo Plus, Type R, Value Package, i-Style, honda civic 2.2 CDTi, mk9, mk8,

#2 Husky Liners- 2016-2019 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan and Hatchback Car Mats

Husky Liners is getting the attention of many car users these days because of its good-looking, sturdy car mats and trunk liners.

The all-weather black Honda Civic car floor mat from this brand is designed for front and second seat row of your car and is a good pick for all the Honda Civic car models. Along with having an excellent design, the car mat fits perfectly in your Honda cars.

Mat has cleats inside that help it stay firmly on the place. It has been formed and shaped perfectly to keep all the mess on the place.

The car mat is resistant to water and also contains hooks on the lower side like WeatherTech car mats which help it stay firmly on the car floor. If you use your car for hauling groceries or luggage, then this manufacturer is exceptional because of their range of trunk liners. Being so flexible, their floor liners are very sporty and rugged too. The bucket shapes of these mats and liners prevent any water from having contact with the car’s floor.

Also, the piece is equipped with a lifetime of guarantee, which means if you find any fault in the mat or don’t find it a good fit for your car, you can return it right away. To know more about warranty and return policy, you can read Husky’s official guidelines.


  •  Provide a variety of car mats and cargo liners
  • Raised ridges to protect the mat from liquids and mess
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Knobs in the backside to keep mat firmly on the place


  • Some users reviewed that mat is thinner than WeatherTech Honda Civic car mats.

Available for

Years2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
 ModelsHonda Civic Coupe, Honda Civic Hatchback, Honda Civic Sedan
Sub-ModelsHonda Civic EX Hatchback, Honda Civic EX-L Hatchback, Honda Civic LX Hatchback, Honda Civic Sport Hatchback, Honda Civic Sport Touring Hatchback, Honda Civic Type R Hatchback, Honda Insight

#3 MAXLINER – 2016-2020 Honda Civic Sedan or Hatchback car Mats

Maxliners make some of the best car mats in the world, and the car mat we have listed here for your Honda civic sedan or hatchback is the example of this. They are less expensive than most of the renowned car mat brands but having almost the same properties as WeatherTech and Husky liners.

With the low density and precisely molded material, the mat is very strong and provides complete coverage to your vehicle.

 The product has made very well and contains the original floor mat hooks which are very nicely held in place to keep mat firmly on the surface.

They have constructed it with top-notch rubber and the best thing about this mat is that you can also use it for van, truck, SUV. The mats and floor liners made by this brand are 100% non-toxic and provide great protection to your vehicle in all seasons.

The piece is backed up with a lifetime of the guarantee and durability.

Available for

Years2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
 ModelsHonda Civic Hatchback, Honda Civic Sedan
Sub-ModelsAR, Van Truck or SUV

#4 oEdRo- 2016-2020 Honda Civic Sedan/Civic Hatchback

Thanks to oEdro for manufacturing this unique black car floor protector, which is suitable in all weather. The best buying point of these Honda Civic car mats is that there’s no single negative review about these products on Amazon, which shows the popularity of this product among the audience.

Preferably designed for 2016-2020 Honda Civic sedan, Civic hatchback, or Civic Type R, the mat is non toxic.

No matter how extreme the weather is, the mat always remains flexible. The best thing is it goes all over the door opening and covers the plastic or carpet area of the vehicle so all the mess doesn’t reach your carpet at all.

With the painted exterior, the mat is very easy to clean and you can make it look new again with a simple wash. If you are in dilemma and not sure if the floor mat going to fit in the car floor or don’t know which model to choose, you can contact the manufacturer before buying.


  • Very tough and durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Good for all-weather


  • Not in use for Honda Civic Coupe.

Available for

Years2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
 ModelsHonda Civic Hatchback, Honda Civic Sedan
Sub-ModelsCompatible for 2016-2020 Honda Civic sedans, Compatible for 2017-2020 Honda Civic hatchbacks, Compatible for 2017-2020 Honda Civic Type R

#5 YITAMOTOR – 2016-2020 Honda Civic Sedan/Hatchback or Type R

This car mat from Yitamotor is an excellent choice for your Honda Civic sedan and hatchback, which they design for first and second-row of your car.

They have manufactured the mat with odorless TPE material, so it remains unaffected even in hot weather. Mat has hooks over one side which means even if it is wet there are no chances of slipping and falling.

Like other car mats, maker also made it with lifted edges to prevent water and beverages from spreading out on the floor.

You need not to use harsh chemicals to clean it. Just spray the mud down with a hose. Mat is cut to the exact dimensions to fit in your Honda Civic. Even if the mat is rated 5/5 at Amazon though you need to pick wisely the one which is the right fit for your car. 


  • Made from non-toxic material and very durable
  • Non-slippy and compatible with all weathers.
  • Easy to wash
  • Raised corners to prevent spilling liquids


  •  Cannot be used for Honda Civic Coupe

Available for

Years2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016
 ModelsHonda Civic Hatchback, Honda Civic Sedan
Sub-ModelsCompatible for 2016-2020 Honda Civic sedans, Compatible for 2017-2020 Honda Civic hatchbacks, Compatible for 2017-2020 Honda Civic Type R

Still, looking for a cheap one?

Let’s move to the next

#6 Motor Trend- Heavy Duty Rubber car Floor Mats

If you are looking for a piece which not only fits in your Honda Civic car floor but also available at low prices, then look at this aesthetic cheap car mat from Motor Trend which can be a perfect pick for your vehicle.

Available in six colors – black, gray, beige, brown, burgundy, charcoal, brown, burgundy this mat from Motor Trend is made from very advanced rubber which does not deform or crack under high pressure and uncommon weather. This way they assure you about the durability.

Since this product is not specifically designed for Honda Civic cars but it designs to be trim-to-fit. You can customize it the way you want just by cutting it with scissors to fit your vehicle’s contours. 

With nibbed backing, this piece from Motor Trend is odorless and non-toxic. 


  • Monumental color choice available
  • Easily customization
  • Easy to clean
  • No Toxicity


  • Some people reviewed this product contains lead and harmful chemicals. So make sure you check descriptions before heading for purchase.

Available for

 ModelsMade to customize for all vehicles like for CAR, SUV, VAN, PICKUP, TRUCKS, etc.
Sub-Modelscustomized size

#7 FH Group–Rubber Car Floor Mat

If you don’t find motor trend mats in the market and in case if they already sold out, don’t worry. This mat from the FH group is a good alternate to Motor Trend. The price for this car mat is almost equal to Motor Trend mats.

Equipped with nibbed backing the mat is very secure to put on the place. Second, you will get a monumental choice in color and can choose one depending on what will suits better in your vehicle.

Mat is not specially designed for Honda Civic and you can use it for other vehicles as well just by customizing it. The mat has tall outer ridges that stop water leaking on the surface.

Like Motor Trends, you can trim this piece in your desired shape and size just by cutting with the help of scissors.

The heavy-duty properties of the mat make it more durable, so they guarantee about its durability.


  • Huge color choice available
  • Heavy-duty mat with all-weather protection
  • Easily customization
  • Easy to clean
  • No Toxicity


  •  Can be used for all car and as a truck liners.

Available for

 ModelsIt can be customized for all vehicles like for CAR, SUV, VAN, PICKUP TRUCKS, etc.
Sub-Modelscustomized size

Why you should prefer buying car mats online rather than a local store?

☑ The first and foremost reason to buy online is that through online purchasing, you can review so many outlets at one marketplace, you will compare their prices and can also go through all the reviews of their current buyers which will finally help you choose the best floor mat for your car.

☑ Everyone knows that emerging pandemic corona has completely halted our lives so when you think to buy something during such time there are a lot of questions emerge in your mind like should I buy online or visit a local outlet? Is it safe buying online?
Well, with the arisen corona it’s not too early to say that this is now a part of our daily life and it has made our life complicated. Amidst that, buying new floor mats at local outlets is not a good idea. Going out for buying stuff at local shops and interacting with many people can have some terrible consequences.
Purchasing online assures you don’t get socialized with many people so you don’t get affected by the virus. You can place your order by being at home and receive your stuff with proper precautions without getting yourself into trouble in this critical situation.

☑ Purchasing online not only reduces vehicle trips but also you don’t have to worry about parking hassles and annoying crowd at the shop.

Why we recommend you buying car mats from Amazon?

There are so many reasons for buying these car floor mats from Amazon. listed are a few of them.


Amazon is the largest marketplace in the globe with an enormous customer base. Every day millions of brands add their product on Amazon, which ranges from cheap price to very high price depending on the quality and brand reputation. Amazon gives you a monumental choice in choosing a particular product, you can explore branded car floor mats, compare their prices, and buy the one which is best for you. You can also check the mats made up of original materials, colors, and dimensions and finally can make your purchase for your car.

Customer Reviews

To know if the mat you choose is worth your money or not is a big dilemma for customers. To streamline your buying process, Amazon gives you the liberty to go through the reviews section where you can check what buyers have to say about Honda Civic car mats that you intend to buy. This will ease your purchasing process.


Buying on third-party websites or applications can infect your mobile or desktop device with malicious viruses like ransomware and adware that increase the chances of the data breach. Since there are a lot of confidential details in your device, so we advise you to purchase from trustworthy brands or marketplace only.

Amazon’s reputation is very solid in the market, customers buy on Amazon with the surety of complete security.

Return policy

Well, most of the popular brands keep their return policy shady, also they include high tax and tremendous delivery cost, however, this is not the case while purchasing on Amazon. It has a very transparent return policy with very less delivery cost for a particular purchase.

Note: Besides this, you can purchase from WeatherTech, Husky Liners, or Max Liners without a second thought because they have already established themselves in the car mat market.

What Features do you need to look in while buying Honda Civic car Mats?

There are several things that you need to consider when coming to an online marketplace to buy Honda Civic car floor mats. In this guide, we have mentioned some crucial points so you can choose wisely.

Anti-skid backing

Floor mats not only protect the surface underneath your feet but also help to prevent any slipping because everyone wants their mat to be firmly on a solid surface while driving. A good mat should also have non-skid backing so that once installed, it would stay in place without undue effort being exercised.

Right fit

The next feature that you should look at while picking up Honda Civic car mats is the right fit. Many manufacturers provide customizable mats. However, some makers buy them for standard vehicles. Make sure you select the one which covers almost all the space in the car door entry because most of the floor mats are 2 or 3 inches shy of the door opening.
Some people reported that WeatherTech mats have these properties whereas smart liners and Max Liners and other OEM have a minor design flaw they left a bit of carpet open in the front. A car mat has no use if it cannot track all the dirt around the vehicle, so make sure you check the right fit for your car on a priority basis.


An outstanding quality floor mat on your expensive Honda Civic car floor always makes a difference. We advise to choose the one where you can remove spills and stain easily. Stains of drinks and desserts are very sticky and they create smell in the vehicle. Just choose the one which is easy to lift and washable.

Raised grooves

One feature that we always recommend you to look especially when you have kids is, a car mat with grooves that mean edges of your car floor mat should be lifted above so in case anything falls on the mat, it remains on the mat only rather than spreading all around the car and make it messy. So try to look for the mats that trap dirt and liquids.


Thickness comes into consideration when you use your car for many purposes, like hauling or putting heavy material beneath. However, if you want to use your car for just going from one place to another, then it may be a minor aspect. However, if you are considering your car for a heavy load, then heavy-duty car mats or floor liners can be a superb choice. Heavy duty car liners are very strong and sturdy to handle heavyweight.

How to install Honda civic car mats?

Car mats installation in Honda civic involves various cases.

Case 1

If the mat you have chosen is designed for your Honda Civic Car, then the installation instructions are below.

Front row floor Mats installation:

First, push front seats in the back to expose the space in the front row. Check-in your car you would probably have two anchors in your car connected to the driver’s side floor. Most of the Honda Civic car mats come with hooks (as shown in the image) that you need to locate your mat to those anchors. Reposition front row seats, and they are all set to go.

Note: Make sure you remove your old mat, clean your car floor before installing a new floor mat, however, do not remove carpeting that is installed by OEM (your original manufacturer)

Second-row floor Mats installation

The second-row mat fixing in your Honda Civic is way easy. Pull the front row seats ahead. Install the mat on the floor and repositions the seats again.

Case 2

If you have purchased a cut-to-fit car floor mat and you want to know how to trim it to fit in your Honda Civic car floor, then read these guidelines.

  • To start the alteration process, you need a sharp pair of scissors to trim the mat and a marker with you.
  • To ease the process, put your car mat on a flat surface.
  • To make certain your car mats fit your Honda Civic, take measurements of the car floor, or draw a paper pattern around the tailored fit car mat.
  • Now take your trim-to-fit car floor mat and mark a boundary around the area where you want to trim it.
  • Mark with the guidelines. In case you are not sure about the marked area, mark only one cell at a time.
  • After you are done with the marking, grab your pair of scissors and start trimming.
  • Refit the mat in your car and you are all set to go.

Case 3

If you have already installed a carpet over the Honda Civic car floor and you want to install mat over it. Well, the installation process is simple, and it takes less than 15 minutes to get your mat installed.

  • The first thing you need to do is locate two-slit marks on your rubber mat.
  • Cut them in the small rectangular piece on your rubber mat.
  • Now locate the two recesses in the carpet.
  • Slit the carpet.
  • Insert the two clips into the cutouts points.
  • Fit the mat in place and you are done.

Final Words

By spending just a little money, you can protect your entire Honda Civic car floor. As we have stated above and we always advise to shop for the Honda Civic car mats online, as most of the online stores periodically come up with some exciting discounts and offers. Additionally, they deal with a wide range of all-season car mats. Hence, you will find a mat of your choice, in case you will buy it from an online store.

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