Foam Play Mats: 10 Stylish Pieces to Buy for Kids Floor (in 2020)

These soft and fluffy interlocking foam play mats are not only perfect for playing but also give plenty of padding for your kiddo’s safety.

foam  mats for kids

Childhood is one of the most critical time for your kids. Being so quick and curious they crawl here and there so they always need constant supervision. Indeed, that’s true; you can never leave a baby unless they sleep in their crib.

A child’s safety is the biggest concern that haunts parents day and night. As the kids grow the safety concern also doubled for parents. 

Keeping that in mind technological change has discovered many comfortable solutions to deal with this issue. Foam mats are the answer to all your questions concerning the safety of your child. The baby foam play mats can be an excellent source of distraction for the baby while you’re busy working.

With simple interlock design, foam play mats are way easy to install. You simply have to push the tiles pieces together and they get connected with a very smooth transition.


Before processing with your online purchasing do consider aspects like thickness, material that mats are made up off, and comfort.

To create a safe environment for your kids, these foam play mats at Amazon are highly recommended to buy which provides the best online service at your door step at a cheap budget.

Top reviewed foam play mats at a glance:

Foam Play mat with interlocking square tiles

Why we love it?

This is the highly recommended and highly rated foam mat for your infant that you can ever have with a good thickness, large size, and interlocking tiles. 


Your baby will not only learn to crawl but also its foam is very soft just in case of rolling and hitting there is no harm. You can keep it under your couch when not being used. 

You would probably have dogs and cats in your home even if they will walk on it and drools like monsters their claws don’t make any holes in it. Foam play mats are very durable and nontoxic considering its foam. If you ever have done a puzzle in your life then it’s super easy for you to put it together.


These square pieces come with 16 tiles in 4 colors and 24 end borders (6 boarders each color). Each tile measures 12″x12″x0.4″. Each square is equal to 1 square foot, total coverage 16 square feet (4′ x 4′ area).

Puzzle foam play mat with different colors, alphabets & numbers  

Why we love it?

This is a great item to buy when there are toddlers around and also an excellent learning tool for kids. These modern tiles are available in different numbers & alphabets. Their bright color and different shapes help your kids to grow their cognitive skills. 


These rugs are so light weighted that everyone can easily assemble it. I know some parents will indeed be concerned about the cleaning part, don’t worry no matter how dirty the foam mat is, the material is way easy to clean to bring all stains out from the carpet.


It covers a 6’x6′ area when combining all 36 interlocking 12″x12″ puzzle pieces.

Waterproof, padded & large foam play mat

Why we love it?

This big foam play mats for a kid is best to pick up for hardwood or tiles floor. This is one of those thick, soft foam padding pieces which is easy to roll up and you can put it away when not required. 


It is crazy soft even when your infant falls back from sitting it keeps her from getting hurt. It is super easy to clean and you can easily import it from house to house and can also use it for some outdoor activities. 


This large 76 inches by 58 inches padded mat, give your little one plenty of space to crawl, play, or take a nap after they’re tuckered out. There’s enough room for Mom, Dad, or a friend to join your baby on the mat.

Tadpoles Soft EVA abc foam floor tiles for Kids

Why we love it?

This is the perfect foam mat for your crawler and you will fall in love with the foam material. This is one of those foam pieces set which is available in grey and white colors. 


Kids have a habit of chewing things but it won’t harm the foam as well as a kid because this piece is made up of pure EVA foam and nontoxic material. Its thickness is perfect and doesn’t hurt to sit lay on as an adult. Purchasing these foam tiles is worth spending money.


This ABC Playmat available in 36 Pieces Set, 74x 74 (36 sq’), in grey white colors.

Cushioned thick & soft foam patchwork toddler play mat

Why we love it 

If you are thinking to have the thick soft and comfy play mat for your crawling toddler than these different colored foam play mats squares probably can be a good choice as it is specially designed for daycare, preschool childcare centers, and for home as well. 


The best thing about this mat is you don’t have to worry about eating food and drinking on it because it won’t ruin your baby mat. This aesthetic tummy time play mat is waterproof and washable.


These waterproofs play Mat Measures: 58″ W x 58″ D

Stylish & extra large play mat with soft interlocking tiles

Why we love it?

The design of the rug looks trendy & stylish that can be used in any multi-space room. These are completely safe and their elegant modern design helps to calm and soothe the mind. 


Being extra large and waterproof it is one of the most desirable choices of buyers.


These neutral chic home nurseries play Mat Measures: 6ft x 4ft (72×48 Inches).

Non-toxic alphabet puzzle foam play mat

Watching your children learning while playing is like cherry on the cake. If anyone is looking for a safe place for their kids to play then these ½ thicker and soften play mats are the best choice. They are available in bright colors which will help to spark your child’s imagination while learning.

Reversible Foam Mattress for Kids

Well, this amazing mat by Ofie is a little bit expensive than others but at the same time, it is worth buying because of its extra large size, thickness, and non-toxic material. The foam material used is very safe and durable. Like other foam mats, it is rollable too.


These foam mats measures 6.5 ft x 4.5 ft

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use foam mats for kids?

The surfaces of foam mats is very safe and your kids can rollover jump and drape it down. The material is very soft and comfy for protecting both floor and knees on your infants.

There is a lightweight and importable surface even you can easily take it from one place to another. Foams mats are best for converting a hard concrete floor into a fun, colorful, and soft kid’s playroom. You can find them in multi color and most of them have waterproof foam tiles that are easy to clean.

Are the foam mats safe for kids?

Indeed, Soft tiles mats are made up of non-toxic EVA foam that is used in many different children’s products. The mats have been tested to meet EN-71 toy safety standards which means they are lead-free. It in also tested to be free of formamide. There are no fire retardants, phthalates, PVC, formamide, formaldehyde, latex. The products have breezed through many tests.

Where to buy foam mats for infants?

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the USA, UK, India, and 13 other countries around the globe where you can buy foam play mats for kids in all sizes colors and shapes vary from white, black, grey to pink, and square to rectangle.  Various foam mats are also available on Walmart, with some modern designs and different colors.

How to clean foam tiles?

The foam mats for kids are washable and cleaning process especially for alphabet foam rugs is very simple with water and a cloth, and also for spills that happen. For more sticky situations, warm water, and soap take care of it easily. Applying duct tape to the back of the tiles can prevent your child from removing all of the various pieces of the foam tile to chew on

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